Our services

Global Supply

We aim to follow the trends that shape the sector with business models that provide integrated, digital and environmentally friendly solutions in our Supply Chain processes and ensure coordination with all stakeholders, especially our customers.

Product / Project Development

With our strong expert staff and experience in the sector, we are able to offer you alternative solutions to work as a project and make your finished or semi-finished products that you cannot supply domestically or that you cannot meet the target supply costs and that you have to import.

Test and Analysis

In accordance with national and international standards in the field of Quality-Control;

• Complying with the principles of science, confidentiality and impartiality,

• Customer-oriented and high price-performance ratio,

• Easily accessible and high service speed,

• Having clear, understandable and internationally valid reporting,

To provide services with its expert staff and advanced technology machinery.

Coating and Heat Treatment

The heat treatment ovens, which operate continuously 7/24, are used to provide the semi-finished products, whose cold forming is completed, with their final mechanical properties. All products reach 8, 10, or 12 qualities in this process by heating the steel to the austenite phase in a controlled atmosphere and sudden cooling in oil.

Raw Material

Our company is a business partner providing support for our customers to grow rapidly and sustainably. Within this context, we provide service for manufacturers by supplying raw materials, which they need, both domestically and from abroad.