About us

Our Company

Our company provides the supply of standard or custom-made fasteners. We strive to serve our customers as a solution partner by keeping up with industry developments and innovations in the global market.

In doing so, in addition to our domestic dealerships, we offer many new and improved products to our customers at reasonable prices and high quality, thanks to our international partners. Our company can provide global sourcing opportunities to our customers by importing products from many countries such as the Far East, Europe, India, and Korea. Our company has an ISO 9001 quality management system and closely follows industry quality requirements, continually incorporating them into the quality system.

In addition to providing services in the sector with a wide range of machinery and processing capabilities in non-standard and custom-made connection elements, we offer our customers permanent and long-term solutions with a competitive price advantage in the manufacture of products requiring special design connection elements, welded products, chip removal, cold forming, press printing, and assembly.

Taking into account the continuously changing and developing market needs, we provide opportunities for term deliveries for your annual or monthly needs, and fixed-price connection options, which reduce the stock burden and provide cost savings to our customers.

We continue to serve our valuable customers as the address of honest and reliable trade with our expert in-house and field personnel, who have adopted quality in service as a philosophy, not just in terms of price.


Sectors we serve

  • Machinery Manufacturing

  • Lifting Systems

  • White Goods

  • Molding & Injection Industry

  • Defense Industry & Military Facilities

  • Ports, Shipping & Shipyard

  • Industrial Facilities & Steel Constructions

  • Advertising & Signage

  • Packaging Industry

  • Mold Industry

  • Refinery & Petrochemical Facilities

  • Scaffolding & Construction

  • Electricity & Automation Industry

  • Furniture

  • Heating & Cooling Systems

  • Energy Transmission Lines

  • Bridges, Tunnel, Viaduct & Highways

  • Space Roof Systems

  • Automotive & Sub-Industry

  • Railways & Train Stations